"Add mass to different parts of the body using the patient's own fat as a filling material"

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Lipo-structure is a technique which enables us to add mass to different parts of the body using the patient’s own fat as a filling material by means of the Coleman technique.

The facial features of older people, such as sunken or cadaverous eyes, lack of mass and definition in the cheeks and angle of the jawbone, are caused by a reduction in mass due to decreasing fat, which creates flabby tissues.

Using the patient’s own fat as a filling material to restore and increase mass or to remodel body shape, means we can avoid the use of synthetic or semi-synthetic materials, which can potentially lead to complications as regards extrusion and/or reactions to a foreign body, and subsequent rejection as it is a foreign material.

The results of injecting autologous fat are very succesful, both in aesthetic and reparative cases, in small and large amounts.

Thanks to the versatility of the technique and the long-term durability of the mass obtained, we believe that patient’s own fatty tissue meets all the requirements to be the method of choice for treating losses of mass or remodelling and repairing different parts of the body.

When we age, the fat which is found under the skin in the subcutaneous tissue decreases gradually, especially in the face and hands.


The patient must undergo a pre-operation examination: ECG and full analysis.


Depending on the area being operated on, this type of procedure is performed using a local anaesthetic, epidural anaesthetic or, if the patient prefers, general anaesthetic.

Surgical procedure

Dr. Ana Torres usually uses Body-Jet Lipotransfer liposuction to extract the fat (from the abdomen, inner knee or muscles).

Because the fat is extracted using pressurised water, post-operation is much less painful and the fat extracted is better quality.

The extracted fat is washed and centrifuged and then injected into the area we wish to enhance by means of small incisions (1 or 2).

Hospital admission

Depending on the duration of the procedure, it will be decided if it is necessary for the patient to be admitted to hospital or if it is possible to perform the operation in an outpatient facility.

Subsequent care

There will be a mark on the area of the liposuction for 2-3 weeks.

There may be a haematoma or swelling for the first few days. Depending on the amount of fat extracted from the donor area, lymphatic drainage may be necessary.


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