Calf augmentation

"The results are highly satisfactory due to their natural appearance"

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Calf augmentation

Legs are also aesthetically important. Their lack of development or atrophy with age creates complexes, because the body becomes disfigured.

Sometimes the problem may only affect one leg due to a traumatism or polio, which makes the defect even more noticeable.

We have three different methods for calf augmentation:

  • The most efficient remedy is an implant that gives the calves the desired shape and volume.
  • Lipofilling with grafts of the patient’s own fat.
Calf augmentation
Calf augmentation
The results of calf augmentation are highly satisfactory due to their natural appearance.


Like in any surgical procedure, patients must undergo a preoperative examination to detect any possible anomaly that could negatively affect the operation.


Epidural or general anaesthesia is administered for the procedure.

Infiltration can be done using local anaesthetic, with no need to go into the operating theatre.

Surgical procedure

The procedure consists of making a four centimetre incision close to the back fold of the knee.

This creates a pocket between the inside of the calf muscle and its aponeurosis. The implant, which is specially adapted to the needs of each patient, is then inserted into this cavity. Concerning this, it should be mentioned that every implant is specifically created for one anatomical area.

The procedure takes approximately one hour.


In general, 24 hours at the clinic are sufficient for the treatment to be performed.

Postoperative care

Patients will progressively recover and should be able to walk at a normal pace after one week.

After this period, the stitches are removed and the remaining scar is some 4 cm long, close to the rear fold of the knee. In any case, we recommend that patients wear elastic compression stockings for three weeks.


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