Breast augmentation using implants

"Improve the size and shape of your chest"

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Breast augmentation using implants

Many women are not satisfied with the size or shape of their breasts, either due to genetic causes or pregnancy.

Augmentation mammoplasty is a surgical technique aimed at improving the volume and shape of women’s breasts, helping them feel better about themselves.

In the very first consultation we define the type of implant and the volume that best meets your expectations.

We normally recommend implants with sizes that correspond with the measurements of the breasts and thorax, so that they can be filled normally.

To select the size of the implant with precision and establish ideal dimensions, the desired length, height and projection are all measured.

Breast augmentation using implants
Breast augmentation using implants
Improve the size and shape of your chest.


After you have decided to undergo the procedure, there will be preoperative work (ECG, mammography, a full range of tests and a coagulation analysis).

At the second appointment, Dr. A.M. Torres will provide you with full details concerningthe surgery. We recommend a preoperative course of homeopathic medicine (Boiron®).


The procedure is performed at the Quirón Teknon Hospital under local anaesthesia and sedation.

General anaesthesia is only required when a retro-muscular implant is inserted. Anaesthesia is administered by expert anaesthetists from the CEDO Group.

Surgical procedure

In augmentation mammoplasty, the best technique is determined depending on the characteristics of the skin, breast tissue, bone structure and age of the patient.

There are different methods for inserting the prosthesis, which are primarily: axillary (underarm), aureole (nipple) or sub-mammary.

Precisely where the implant will be placed needs to be determined with the patient: behind the muscle, behind the fascia or behind the mammary gland.


The procedure takes approximately one hour.

In general, patients are admitted to the Quirón Teknon Hospital for one night and are discharged the following day.

Postoperative period

At least two or three days of rest are recommended.

Dr. A.M. Torres also recommends wearing a sports bra for two weeks. Patients can then gradually resume their normal daily activities, except for lifting weights or bending over.


Breast augmentation surgery is performed by Dr. Ana M. Torres, who is a member of SECPRE. Although complications are infrequent, we must speak openly when there is even the slightest possibility of surgical risk:

  • Scarring problems: Patients with fair, thick skin may suffer from thickening of the scars. To prevent this, we take great care in the sutures during surgery.
    One week after augmentation mammoplasty we recommend applying dressing with Novartis® Trofoelastin cream and musk rose oil. We will continue to monitor the scarring process in subsequent checkups.
  • Capsular contracture: This consists of the hardening of the internal scar surrounding the implant. According to studies, this occurs in two to five percent of cases. To prevent it we recommend that patients give themselves post-operative massages.
    In very rare cases patients will need to take medication such as Accolate and have ultrasounds to break up the capsule.
  • Infection of implant: this is extremely rare, occurring in 1% of cases according to studies. It is prevented by taking extreme antiseptic measures in operating theatres and prescribing antibiotics for five days after surgery.
  • Implant rotation.
  • Haematoma: The aesthetic result of breast augmentation surgery is excellent because we seek perfection in our results. After the scarring and inflammation processes have ended, the breasts will feel and look firm and have a natural consistency.


Before surgery (Preoperative)

  • One week prior to surgery start taking the indicated homeopathic treatment.
  • You can have a shower the night before, without using oils or moisturizing creams.
  • Be on an empty stomach (do not smoke or consume alcoholic drinks before surgery).

Remember to bring (Documentation and clothing)

  • Informed consent forms, read and signed.
  • Admission documents, read and signed (blue folder).
  • Preoperative (blood test, electrocardiogram, chest X-ray if conducted) .
  • Bra recommended by the doctor.
  • Wear comfortable clothes.

After surgery (Postoperative)

  • 4-7 days after surgery you will need to make an appointment for a check-up.
  • You can shower from the second day onwards. After showering, clean wounds with disinfectant (Povidona or Cristalmina) and apply an antibiotic cream such as Bactroban.
  • The bra should be worn day and night for the first two weeks, and thereafter for two weeks more only during the day.
  • A lymphatic drain or INDIBA is recommended.
  • Take the medication according to the instructions given (Antibiotics, analgesics and anti-inflammatory).
  • Continue with the homeopathic treatment as indicated.
  • Try to rest for 2-3 days. Do not make any strenuous effort but do walk.
  • We recommend that you sleep with your chest raised which will help reduce the swelling.
  • If you have any doubts or discomfort, you can call the consulting rooms or the doctor’s telephone.


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