Carboxy Therapy

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Carboxy Therapy

Currently, Carboxy therapy is one of the best therapies to combat cellulite, excess body fat, flaccidity and aging of the body and face.

It is a non-surgical method consisting of the subcutaneous application of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas.

The origin of this therapy is found in the thermal spa resort in Royat, France, specifically in the 1950s when a group of cardiologists applied the therapy to patients suffering from various illnesses related to poor blood circulation and fat accumulation.

The CO2 acts in the affected zone and is eliminated very rapidly.

Carboxy therapy is performed using specially prepared equipment, which allows the flow speed and injection time to be regulated and monitors the percentage of the dose administered.

How is it administered?

The CO2 is subcutaneously infiltrated with a sterile needle similar to that used to apply insulin, and is connected to a very fine tube which is attached to a machine specially prepared for this purpose.

The apparatus allows the flow of CO2 (contained in an oxygen tank) and injection time to be regulated, and to monitor the percentage of dose administered.

Carboxy therapy does not cause systemic toxicity or side effects, except minor and fleeting pain at the place of application.

Ideally, two to three sessions should be conducted per week with a total of 10¬ or 15 body sessions, but adapting to everyday life, about 1 session per week is performed with visible effects after the 3rd-4th session.

How does it work?

When the CO2 penetrates in gas form, it produces hypertension of the subcutaneous tissue, releasing bradykinin, serotonin, histamine and catecholamines, which stimulate beta adrenergic receptors, producing Lipolysis (destruction of fat cells).

The CO2 easily diffuses from the place of injection to adjacent tissues, thus performing its function. Its introduction under the skin is completed by manual massage which helps distribute and circulate the carbon dioxide. When the CO2 comes into contact with fat, it diffuses and part of it goes to the red blood cells: when it comes into contact with hemoglobin oxygen is released to the tissues. That oxygen can be used in metabolic reactions and also stimulates the combustion of fats.

The first results are observed immediately, tissue quality improves, the skin becomes smoother and affected zones become thinner, effectively treating the problem of cellulite and also improving blood circulation.

This gas helps improve intracellular exchange and cellular nutrition in people with cellulite.


  • Cellulite
  • Localized obesity (helps reduce measurements)
  • Flaccidity
  • Wrinkles
  • Micro varicose veins
  • Pre- and post- Liposculpture (improves results, prevents fibrosis)


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