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Drooping eyelids and bags under the eyes make us look tired and sad.

Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) is a surgical technique that consists of correcting excess skin and bags of fat in the top and bottom eyelids.

Surgery in the top eyelids consists of extracting excess skin to restore normal muscle tension.

In bottom eyelids, the bags of fat are removed, which can be quite large at times.

There is no age at which this type of procedure is most suitable, as the appearance of bags under the eyes can occur in both the young and the elderly, although they do tend to become more pronounced as the tissues in this area relax and there is more excess skin.

Eyelid surgery
It is a short surgical process, with simple postoperative and long-lasting results.

This technique can be applied along with other aesthetic facial surgeries aimed at eliminating facial wrinkles and loose or drooping skin.


The overall condition of your eyes will be assessed during the initial consultation (degree of vision, tear production and possible problems with infection), as well as your general state of health.

It is important for you to tell us about your daily habits (if you smoke or drink alcohol), wear glasses or contact lenses, if you have allergies, if you take any medications or have had any eye problems.

A preoperative study is performed before any surgery is performed: Electrocardiogram, complete analysis and a chest x-ray, if you are a smoker.

Dr. Ana M. Torres will inform you about how to prepare for the procedure. This includes a homeopathic medicine protocol, which you will start taking one week before the surgery.


Dr. Ana M. Torres uses local anaesthetic in combination with a sedative.

Surgical procedure

Blepharoplasty is generally performed using local anaesthesia and sometimes sedation. General anaesthesia is never recommended.

The procedure usually takes between half an hour and one hour, depending on whether all four eyelids are treated or only the top or bottom eyelids.

This procedure can be performed in two ways:

  1. External method: A tiny incision is made in the skin under the eyelashes, through which the bags of fat are extracted, and then closed using a fine suture that also tenses the skin.
  2. Internal method (transconjunctival): It consists of making a small incision inside the eyelid, with no external lesion, through which fat is removed through the internal mucous membrane of the eyelid.
    In this type of operation, the eyes are protected with special contact lenses (ocular protector) after applying anaesthetic drops.
    This procedure is most common for people under 40 years of age who do not need skin to be removed. The great advantage of this technique is that it does not leave a scar.

Postoperative care

Any possible postoperative irritation is resolved using homeopathic medicine that Dr. Ana Torres will prescribe for you, as well as a mild analgesic like paracetamol. No strong pain reliever will be required in the majority of cases.

We recommend applying cold camomile compresses for the first few days.

If eye irritation, signs of conjunctivitis or infection or reactions to the anesthesia appear, you should consult the doctor. For a period of two months, you should protect this area from the sun by wearing large sunglasses that provide side protection. Ten days after the operation, you can start wearing makeup.

We advise wearing a high-level sun block that can be used as a foundation for makeup.

You will be given guidelines about when you can watch television again (generally 24 hours after the procedure), read (generally after 48 hours), when you can start wearing your contact lenses again, if you need them, and when you can go back to work (normally five to seven days after the blepharoplasty).

You can restart your social life from then onwards without any trace at all of the procedure.


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