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Susana Márquez treatments


Consists of a method of fractional dermabrasion using microneedles.

The microneedles stimulate the formation of collagen on face and body skin. This allows us to reduce thin expression lines, scars, acne and pigmentation marks, as well as minimising pores. It improves stretch marks on the body too.

The method is virtually painless and we see immediate results, leaving the skin smooth and reinvigorated. It is suitable for all skin types and recovery time is short. The process is carried out without anaesthetic and without incisions or haematomas.

Susana Márquez treatments
Tractaments facials

Indiba Face

Reparative hyperthermia or regenerative radiofrequency. It is the best method to stimulate deep tissue through electric transfer from the cellular interior.

It is a unique and safe method. It stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin, moisturizes, oxygenates and reaffirms the skin of the face.

It is recommended for:

  1. Flaccidity of the face and neck: radiofrequency retracts the collagen fibers, thus re-tightening the skin.
  2. Acne: radiofrequency regains the cellular balance of the skin altered by hormonal imbalances.
  3. Reduces bags and dark circles: Indiba reduces the palpebral bags and thickens the skin of the eye.
  4. Reduces double chin: Indiba reduces localized fat deposits.
  5. Toning of the face: Indiba is an ideal complement or the basis of many facial treatments.

Magic Face

Ideal treatment before parties.

It leaves the skin luminous, plump and perfectly hydrated, the signs of fatigue diminish ostensibly.

Face Refresher

It is the recommended treatment for people who do not have time to take care of themselves.

Consists of: Cleansing, facial massage and mask with vitamin C to refresh the skin tone. The facial massage improves the microcirculation, favors cellular renewal and eliminates tension in the face.


The most appropriate treatment to revitalize the face after periods of stress or convalescence.

Consists of: Cleansing, arthromassage to raise muscle tone and re-educate fallen muscles of the face and neck using manual vibrations + soothing and stimulating collagen mask.

Essential Facecleanse

For those who suffer from impurities, clogged pores and cysts.

Consists of: Papaya gum mask (deep skin cleanser) which will open the pores to gently extract the impurities + disinfection of the skin with propolis + soothing massage.

Face Luxe

The quick option for people with little time. It is a treatment that achieves maximum results in a minimum time.

Consists of: Facial cleansing + exfoliation + mask and short face and shoulder massage.

Face Vitamin C

Very effective antioxidant treatment to give light to the skin and restore it through the regenerating power of vitamin C.

Consists of: Cleansing + gentle exfoliation + Vit C. mask.

Face Beauty Eyes

For those who suffer from bags, dark circles, tired appearance.

Consists of: Massage + serum treatment with Ginkgo Biloba. Can be combined with INDIBA.

Face Men

This facial meets the specific needs of male skin.

Consists of: Cleansing + deep enzymatic exfoliation + hydration. Specific according to skin type.

Face de Luxe & Beauty Eye

Treatment designed for mature, dry and/or dehydrated skin and focuses special attention on the delicate skin around the eyes.

Consists of: Cleansing + gentle exfoliation + intense hydrating massage with essential oils.


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