Deep Wrinkle Treatments

"We can also improve the cheekbones, scars and wrinkles"

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Deep Wrinkle Treatments

The areas that are filled most frequently are the nasolabial folds, periocular wrinkles, and the space between the eyebrows.

We use materials such as hyaluronic acid, which are scientifically approved, have been in use for a long time and have a CE marking. Hyaluronic acid has shown better adaptation and higher tolerance.

Low-density and reticulation hyaluronic acids are used on the perilabial and peribuccal area so as not to create mass.

Hyaluronic acid is sold under different brand names. The results last for up to one year.

Among the range of re-absorbable materials, we particularly recommend hyaluronic acid, which has been proven to have the best adaptability and greater tolerance.

Firming treatment

Deep Wrinkle Treatments
Deep Wrinkle Treatments
We can also improve the cheekbones, the so-called “peri-labial barcode”, scars and wrinkles.

PDO threads

The so called Japanese or Korean threads are of differing shapes and lengths and permit the creation of a network in the skin which helps to improve its quality and firmness.

The basic threads which help to reaffirm the skin are connected to fine needles such as those used in acupuncture and have different lengths according to the place where they are used: neck, neckline, around the eyes or the furrows surrounding the nose.

The spiked threads allow the skin of the facial oval in the areas of the jaw and cheekbones to be tightened. The duration is 12 to 18 months.

The helix shaped threads or screws that add volume and firm up the skin are especially indicated for eyebrows and the furrows surrounding the nose.

All the PDO threads from Croma Laboratories help to model the skin without fillers and without altering the features of the face.

Collagen activating treatment

There are different options: Ellanse, Sculptra or the collagen inducers from Croma with calcium hydroxyapatite.

These promote the stimulation of collagen synthesis prior to the treatment with reaffirming threads if there is notable flaccidity. However if the flaccidity is in its initial stage then an improvement can be achieved by only using these treatments.

  • Treatment with Ellanse
  • Restructuring treatment against flaccidity


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