Breast reduction

"Breasts that are excessively large can make daily life complex"

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Breast reduction

Breasts that are excessively large can make daily life complex and difficult and also cause back and shoulder pain.

Breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty is a surgical technique with the main objective of modifying the shape and size of the breasts to adapt them to patient’s aesthetic and functional requirements.

Breast reduction and lifting are techniques that are now the second most popular cosmetic surgery, with excellent results regarding both the level of aesthetic and functional satisfaction.

Breast reduction
Breast reduction
Breasts that are excessively large can make daily life complex


After deciding to undergo the procedure, we recommend having a preoperative exam, which includes a recent mammography, an ECG and full range of tests with coagulation analysis.

Then another appointment is generally made with Dr. A.M. Torres to review the tests and talk about the details of the surgery.


We prefer general anaesthetic for this type of procedure.

Surgical procedure

Deciding on one type of procedure or another will depend on the volume and characteristics of your breasts: Nipple height, width of the implant pedicle, its extension to the underarm and the distance between both breasts.

In the majority of cases, Dr, A.M. Torres performs breast reductions using the Lejour method, which leaves only one vertical scar and another around the areola, thus preventing any scarring in the sub-mammary crease.


The procedure is performed at the Quirón Teknon Hospital and patients are discharged the next day.

Postoperative care

We recommend at least four or five days of rest.

Special bras must be worn for three to four weeks to ensure good scarring.


Breast reduction surgery is performed by Dr. Ana M. Torres, who is a member of SECPRE. Although complications are infrequent, we must speak openly when there is even the slightest possibility of surgical risk:

  • Scarring problems: Patients with fair, thick skin may suffer from thickening of the scars. To prevent this, we take great care in the sutures during surgery. One week after the breast reduction, we recommend applying dressing with Novartis® Trofoelastin cream and musk rose oil. Then we will continue to monitor the scarring process in subsequent checkups. In extremely large breasts, the scars may require a subsequent follow-up surgery.
  • Infection: It is very rare and we prevent this by prescribing antibiotics for five days.


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