Ear pinning

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Ear pinning

Ear pinning, a treatment procedure for what may colloquially be referred to as “sticking out ears,” is not only for children, but also for adults.

Otoplasty consists of naturally remodelling the pinna using small instruments that allow us to scrape the cartilage so that it folds in, using sutures where required.

In this type of procedure, the scar will be behind the pinna, so that it will be imperceptible even when patients have short hair or wear their hair pulled back.

We do not recommend performing otoplasty on children under the age of six years.

Ear pinning
Ear pinning
The results of otoplasty to correct the defect of prominent ears are highly satisfactory.


As with all procedures, a prior medical exam is essential for detecting any possible anomalies that could negatively affect the operation.


General anaesthesia is used for the surgery in children.

Whereas adults are operated on using local anaesthesia and a sedative.


This type of surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure.

Postoperative care

Patients must wear a dressing for 24 hours and then an elastic bandage for one week.

When the bandage is removed, the ears will be slightly swollen, which will subside over the following days.

The stitches are removed after seven to eight days. In the meantime, the patients can wash their hair and lead normal lives.


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