Chin and cheekbones

"He recovery time is very fast in both types of surgery"

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Chin and cheekbones


A chin that does not protrude causes facial imbalance and often leads to a double chin and flabbiness in the neck.

Chin augmentation can be performed using a prosthesis, in which the placement does not leave any visible scarring.

It can also be performed via lipo-injection which is the implantation of fat extracted from the patient with liposuction and then treated in order to separate the adipocytes.

Chin and cheekbones
Chin and cheekbone
The recovery time is very fast in both types of surgery.


Making the cheekbones stand out more automatically gives us a younger and fresher appearance.

It can be performed using the same procedures as for the chin. Using an implant, the projection of the cheekbone is remodelled into the desired shape and profile.

We generally recommend fat grafts for filling both the cheeks and the chin, because an extremely natural result is obtained without any need to employ artificial materials.


As with any facial procedure, the condition of the skin is important for the success of the procedure.

With regard to the chin, it must be determined that there are no pre-existing mouth conditions, such as gingivitis or any type of tooth infection.


Surgery can be performed with local anaesthetic.

When it is performed in combination with other surgical procedures, it will depend on what type of anaesthesia the other procedures require.


In general, these are ambulatory procedures that do not require admission.

Postoperative care

The treated area must be carefully disinfected at all times, particularly if the implant is inserted via an intra-buccal method.

Swelling may persist for some time and may improve by having lymphatic drainage massage.


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