"Eliminate accumulated excess fat"

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Liposuction is a surgical technique that allows the correction of body areas where persistent fatty accumulations persist despite diet regimes and exercise.

It is a very effective technique to provide a new body contour with minimal scars.

The extracted fat does not reappear because the fat cells have been completely removed.

This does not happen with other non-surgical techniques (ultrasound, cavitation), which only manage to empty the fat cell but not eliminate it.

The results can be permanent, as long as you maintain a proper diet and practice exercise periodically.

Eliminate accumulated excess fat


Dr. A. M. Torres will advise you on all the options available to solve your problem, evaluate your health (diseases, allergies, etc.) and listen to your expectations.

The places where the body accumulates fat will be determined and she will calculate the approximate volume necessary to extract to recover a suitable body contour, always taking into account the quality of the skin of the affected area.

You should stop smoking 2 weeks before the procedure and maintain the restriction during the first weeks of the postoperative period.

As for all procedures, prior medical examination is essential to detect any possible abnormalities that may contraindicate the operation.


In general, local anesthesia will be used for small volume liposuction and local anesthesia plus sedation or epidural anesthesia in larger volume liposuction.

Surgical procedure

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of excess fat in the affected area (abdomen, hips, thighs, knees or chest area) by suctioning with thin cannulas that are inserted through small incisions in the fatty acid deposits under the skin.

All liposuction procedures are performed at the Quirón Teknon Hospital with our Humanmed BODY-JETT, which allows us to extract the fat more easily by means of pressurized water, avoiding hematomas and leading to more manageable postoperative periods.


The length of the procedure will determine whether patients need to be hospitalized or if the procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis.

Postoperative care

After liposuction and for the first month, a girdle should be used and lymphatic drainage should be performed in the treated area to control inflammation and allow the skin to adapt to the new contour.

In addition to the swelling and bruising from the procedure, liposuction leaves tiny, scarcely noticeable scars, since the cannulas by which the fat is aspirated are very fine.

It takes some time for these signs to disappear and the results to be fully appreciated. Liposuction should lead to an improvement in habits (sports, care) and nutrition of the patient; this is how you will see better results.

Recommendations liposculpture

Before the procedure (Preoperative)

  • During the week prior to the procedure take the indicated homeopathic treatment.
  • Have a light dinner the night before.
  • Have a shower the night before or on the morning of the procedure, without using oils or moisturizing creams.
  • Be on an empty stomach (do not smoke or consume alcoholic drinks before the intervention).
  • Prepare everything necessary for postoperative treatment: round bandages, bactroban cream, cristalmina solution and small gauze.

Remember to bring (Documentation and clothing)

  • Informed consent forms, read and signed.
  • Admission documents, read and signed (blue folder).
  • Preoperative (analysis, electrocardiogram and other tests performed).
  • Recommended girdle.
  • Wear comfortable clothes.

After the intervention (Postoperative)

  • Make sure you rest during the 3 days after the intervention. Do not make efforts but do walk.
  • From the second day onwards the wounds need to be cleaned with dabs of iodine or Cristalmina, a little antibiotic cream such as Bactroban and cover each wound with a plaster.
  • One week after the intervention you will need to make an appointment to have the stitches removed.
  • Do not forget the antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medical guidelines to be followed during 5-7 days or to follow the homeopathic treatment.
  • You should wear the girdle for a minimum of 3 weeks.
  • A lymphatic drain or INDIBA is recommended in the area of the liposuction. This can be done on the 3rd day after the procedure.
  • If bruising appears, Thrombocid or arnica cream can be applied.
  • If lipotransfer has been performed, the area should be kept warm (with a vest) in order to achieve the best adaptation of the cells.
  • If you have any doubts or discomfort, you can call the consulting rooms or the doctor’s telephone.


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