Buttock Augmentation

"Doctor Ana Torres favours gluteal augmentation with patient's own fat"

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Buttock Augmentation

The gluteal region has taken on greater significance in recent years.

Dr. Ana M. Torres prefers to perform buttock augmentation using the patient’s own fat (lipotransfer) or hyaluronic acid (MACROLANE®). In some cases, she may recommend gluteal prostheses, which are implanted at an intramuscular level.

The results achieved are natural and noticeable immediately after the procedure, even though the final result will not be seen for a few months.

Buttock Augmentation
Buttock Augmentation
Dr. Ana Torres favours gluteal augmentation with patient’s own fat.


Like all surgical procedures, it is essential to have a preoperative study performed to ensure that there are no contraindications.

Specifically for this procedure, we recommend washing the entire perineum region with antiseptics for three days before surgery.


Anaesthesia can be either regional or general.

This will be agreed upon with the anaesthetist, who will decide which is most advisable for each patient.

Surgical procedure

The surgery is performed in a prone or face down, position and the scar is hidden in the gluteal cleft.

Through this incision, the buttock implants which are specially designed for this area are inserted intramuscularly or subfascially, depending on each patient and the volume required.

The procedure normally takes from 90 to 120 minutes. Patients can resume their normal lives the day after the surgery.


Patients will usually remain in the clinic for 24 hours after surgery.

Patients can sit down after 36 hours, leaving the clinic with only a dressing on the scar and a small panty liner.

Postoperative care

No special postoperative care is required, except for using antiseptics in the perineum region for one week.

Stitches on the wound are removed after two weeks and patients can start exercising one month after the procedure.

The results achieved are natural and noticeable two months after the procedure, even though the final result will not be seen for about one year.


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