3D Facial Rejuvenation

"The results begin to be visible after the first session"

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3D Facial Rejuvenation

The Ana Torres Institute offers a 3D facial rejuvenation treatment intended to improve the person's face and restore the skin and forms of the face in 3 dimensions.

As our faces age, more pronounced wrinkles, flaccidity or loss of elasticity and drooping skin appear, due to the loss of subcutaneous fat around the cheekbones, upper lip, cheeks and shape of the face.

All of these effects of aging are due primarily to the loss of collagen.

3D Facial Rejuvenation

Sculptra treatment

The results begin to be visible after the first session.

With Sculptra we achieve in 3 sessions (1 per month), the recuperation of collagen production, improving volume, restoring the skin's elasticity and visibly decreasing wrinkles.


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