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Facial aesthetic medicine

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Facial mesotherapy

Revitalizing facial treatment

This procedure consists of facial mesotherapy which is based on minute injections of Filorga © PRP (growth factors) and hyaluronic acid.

Mesolift trIt improves the elasticity and level of moisture of the skin.

Three or four sessions are recommended, with one every two weeks. It is recommended for skin anti-aging maintenance and is much better and more effective than any externally applied cream.

Facial Hydration

Consists of miniscule injections of non-reticulated hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin. This treatment can be combined with higher-density hyaluronic acids in order to enhance particular facial features such as cheekbones, cheeks, and chin.

PRP BiostimulationP

The Platelet-Rich Plasma is extracted from a small blood sample from the patient. It is then centrifuged and injected into the skin using microneedles. This activates the cascade of regeneration tissue, improving the appearance and texture of our skin


Pulsed light enables us to perform photorejuvenation treatment and eliminate dark marks on the skin.

Thread Lifts

There are different types of PDO (polydyoxanone) thread lifts (simple, helical and barbed). They are placed in the deep dermis and hypodermis and they improve skin elasticity. They are suitable for use on the neck and cleavage, and to improve the skin on the lips and around the eyes.

Helical PDO threads tighten and improve the skin without filling and are used in the nasolabial fold, neck and brow.

Barbed PDO threads enable us to further tighten and are particularly suitable for the neck, cheeks, and jaw.

Polylactic Acid threads (Silhouette) are used above all on the tense mandibular area and to define facial features.

3D Facial Rejuvenation

The Ana Torres Institute offers a 3D facial rejuvenation treatment intended to improve the person's face and restore the skin and forms of the face in 3 dimensions.

As our faces age, more pronounced wrinkles, flaccidity or loss of elasticity and drooping skin appear, due to the loss of subcutaneous fat around the cheekbones, upper lip, cheeks and shape of the face.

All of these effects of aging are due primarily to the loss of collagen.

El lifting Líquido se puede realizar también con Radiesse en forma de vectores para crear líneas de retensión o Ellansé. Ambos productos son inductores del Colágeno.

Sculptra treatment

The results begin to be visible after the first session.

With Sculptra we achieve in 3 sessions (1 per month), the recuperation of collagen production, improving volume, restoring the skin's elasticity and visibly decreasing wrinkles.

Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation is performed by injecting hyaluronic acid.

Infiltration is performed on an individual basis depending on whether patients want to increase the top lip or bottom lip, or simply improve the contour.

We recommend taking arnica (homeopathy) for one week before treatment if you are prone to bruising.

After treatment, we massage the area with a cream containing arnica and apply ice to decrease any possible swelling.

You will also need massages and to apply cold during the first hours after returning home.

Lip Augmentation

Medium-density hyaluronic acids are used, specifically designed for filling lips.

Deep Wrinkle Treatments

The areas that are filled most frequently are the nasolabial folds, periocular wrinkles, and the space between the eyebrows. We use materials such as hyaluronic acid, which are scientifically approved, have been in use for a long time and have a CE marking. Hyaluronic acid has shown better adaptation and higher tolerance.

Low-density and reticulation hyaluronic acids are used on the perilabial and peribuccal area so as not to create mass.

Hyaluronic acid is sold under different brand names. The results last for up to one year.

Among the range of re-absorbable materials, we particularly recommend hyaluronic acid, which has been proven to have the best adaptability and greater tolerance.

Firming treatment

Deep Wrinkle Treatments

We can also improve the cheekbones, the so-called "peri-labial barcode", scars and wrinkles.

PDO threads

The so called Japanese or Korean threads are of differing shapes and lengths and permit the creation of a network in the skin which helps to improve its quality and firmness.

The basic threads which help to reaffirm the skin are connected to fine needles such as those used in acupuncture and have different lengths according to the place where they are used: neck, neckline, around the eyes or the furrows surrounding the nose.

The spiked threads allow the skin of the facial oval in the areas of the jaw and cheekbones to be tightened. The duration is 12 to 18 months.

The helix shaped threads or screws that add volume and firm up the skin are especially indicated for eyebrows and the furrows surrounding the nose.

All the PDO threads from Croma Laboratories help to model the skin without fillers and without altering the features of the face.

Collagen activating treatment

There are different options: Ellanse, Sculptra or the collagen inducers from Croma with calcium hydroxyapatite.

These promote the stimulation of collagen synthesis prior to the treatment with reaffirming threads if there is notable flaccidity. However if the flaccidity is in its initial stage then an improvement can be achieved by only using these treatments.

Treatment with Ellanse.

Restructuring treatment against flaccidity.


By means of the application of different acids to the skin, the surface layers can be renewed.

This eliminates dead cells from the outer layers, producing successive flaking.

At the same time, the peeling acts as a cellular revitalizer and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

This therefore leads to more luminous, elastic, young and smooth skin.


Peelings are also used for patients with acne, photo-aging and age spots.

Botulinum toxin or Botox

Botox treatment

Eliminates facial wrinkles without the need for surgery.

Information you should know before receiving a botulinum toxin and our experience:

It is purified type A botulinum toxin used in cosmetic medicine. It is a protein applied in minimal doses in the muscles of the face and around the eyes to produce a relaxation effect in them.

By injections. Through a very fine needle, applied in the zones we want to relax and in the dose (units) required to do so. We apply anaesthetic cream 10 min. before the treatment, to minimize the pain from the needle, although many patients don't need it.

It inhibits the formation of acetylcholine (a neurotransmitter responsible for muscle contraction). When the muscle does not contract, the wrinkle decreases or disappears. Over 5-6 months, this effect declines and the muscle goes back to secreting acetylcholine and contracts again, which makes the wrinkle reappear.

Yes, for people who have neuromuscular diseases or are pregnant or nursing. It has also been observed that in people over 70 years of age, botulinum toxin is not very effective, because the muscules may be more atrophied and weaker than normal.

Avoid cold air conditioning or very cold air on the zone (for example: air conditioning on an airplane, directly on the face), as this may enhance the effect of the botulinum toxin, especially in the first weeks. It is not necessary to massage after treatment.

If Botox is applied appropriately in the correct dose and in the appropriate muscles, the result is very satisfactory. Normally we ask patients to come for a check up after 10 days to make sure that all is satisfactory.

Personalised Cosmetics

After an operation or an aesthetic procedure it is important that we use good cosmetics which suit our own skin, repairing it and treating it with active ingredients which enable us to recover as fast as possible. We provide the Universkin range which is designed by dermatologists and plastic surgeons.


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